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Dooars Tour Details

The grassland of Gorumara & Lataguri is famous for Asiatic one-horned rhino and other wild animals. In view of its great diversity of plants and animals it was declared as a National Park in 1994 comprising a total area of 80 square kilometers. And your stay at Pasakha Inn , resort in lataguri near Gorumara National Park is truly memorable experiences.

A Landscape of meadows and tea plantations, picture perfect river beds, dense forest thicket with a plethora of biodiversity, vast expanse of hills. Nature chose the colour green while creating this part of West Bengal. Not very far from the hustle bustle of the city life lies this majestic entrance to the Himalayas or the “doors” better known as The Dooars of North Bengal.

Chapramari forests

Chapramari forests is essentially a continuation of the Gorumara National Park. The two forests are divided by the Murti River. The North East side of the river is Chapramari Wild Life Sanctuary whereas the South West side is where Gorumara is located. Visit to the greenery of the nature and resting a few days and nights in the midst of forests is just refreshing. Chapramari Sanctuary is famous for Bison and Elephant herds. With fascinating diversity of flora and fauna and the vast texture of massive trees sheltering varieties of orchids will definitely impress the guest.

Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park has come up as a tourist destination during the last decade. In recent years, there has been substantial increase in tourist arrival as well as infrastructure. Today the area around the forest has the largest concentration of tourist accommodation in Dooars. The number of Jungle safari options has also increased over the years. Rare one horned rhinoceros, herd of bison, leopard, spotted deer, sambar, hog deer, reptiles, huge wild tuskers, wild boars and the rarest variety of animals and birds including plenty of peacocks can be spotted here. Elephant, Indian Bison and deer can be spotted easily as they regularly come to the salt reservoir just below the tower.


Considering the traditional migration pattern of the mega herbivores through the forest corridors, the ecological boundary of Chilapata is well spread out along the banks of Bania and Torsha rivers that bring in the fresh monsoon alluvials, thus support and protect the grassland ecosystem and the astounding diversity of flora and fauna of the park.

Rocky island

Rocky Island is a beautiful destination in Dooars. Murti River flows through the destination. The place is surrounded by hills and ideal for land base adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing & rappelling. Tented accommodation & a river bath are added attractions of Rocky Island.


Samsing is a newer addition in the North Bengal tourist map for its tranquil landscape and unpolluted surroundings. The tea gardens, hill slopes, rivers, rural life of simple village people attracting a large number of tourists from different parts of the country. The journey to Samsing is a memorable one, as you slowly ride uphill through the most picturesque Dooars tea garden on the rolling hill slopes.


The national highway connecting the North-East with West Bengal passes through Chalsa. From here the road to left leads to Samsing which is about 15 km. The road to the right goes to Lataguri (20 km) via Gorumara National Park. The "Chalsa More” is an important road crossing on the National Highway 31.Chalsa is a few kilometers from Malbazar on the way to Dooars from Siliguri.

Buxa Duar

Buxa Tiger reserve is one of the best and most diversified reserve forests of the region spread over an area of nearly 759 square kilometers and one of the extreme ends is Rasikbill water body. This reserve is situated nearly 200 kilometers from Siliguri close to the national highway number 31 and nearly 30 kilometers from the town of Alipurduar. This reserve forest abounds in a fascinating diversity of flora and fauna with the common animal being the tiger, civet, deer’s and red jungle fowl.


Bindu is only 107 km from Siliguri. The last hamlet of West Bengal, Bindu is a valley encircled with hills of Bhutan and India on the banks of river Jaldhaka. It is a feast for the eyes and a stimulating experience for the mind.


It is nearly 75 kilometers from Madarihat and Buxa Duar is nearly 10 kilometers from Jayanti. It is a beautiful setting on the bank of river Jayanti with an excellent view of the hills of Bhutan. One can enjoy viewing the flora and fauna of the region, visit Pukhri Pahar, trek to Mahakal cove, trek or drive to Buxa Duar or even visit Bhutan Ghat. Close to Alipurduar this is one of the main attractions of tourist.


A travel destination for all tourists located along River Suntala is just at the foot hills, is a picturesque place, a gift of God. Chalsa is a land of lush green tea gardens & greenery on your back from Chalsa a glimpse of a Cheetah or a Herd of Elephants is not very unusual.


Within Kalimpong forest Division is a green valley bordering the territory of Bhutan. River Jaldhaka amid is itself a glamour of its own. Jaldhaka Hydel Project on river Jaldhaka is a site of attraction for all of us. Bindu is the last road head end is another site, the place where Neora Valley National Parks begin.

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