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Sundarban Packages and Tours Details


Sajnekhali is the Permission to enter the Sunderban Tiger Reserve. The Sajnekhali Watch Toweris the most popular among all Watch Tower.from this watch tower,one can have a close look at the wild life.There is also a Crocodile pond,Tortoise pond,Mangrove Interpretation Center,Banabibi Temple and Nature Observatory Center.

Sudhyanyakhali (W.T)

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower and Mangrove Park,on the bank of river Sudhanyakhali,One may take a close look of most of the Tiger from the Tower,there is a sweet water pond where animals come to drink water,some other wildlife like axis deer and Mangrove Park.

Do-Banki (W.T)

The canopy walk inside the forest with a unique experience of watching wild life.This canopy walk is about 1/2 km long.There is also a sweet water pond and chital deer.
Netidhopani (W.T)

This is a several watch tower and is associated with the legend of Behula and Lakhindar. The run of 400 years old temple and mystery atmosphere.There is also sweet water pond.this watch tower has a capacity 20 person at a time.

Dayapur is nearest of Sajnekhali & Pakhiralay side.There is also Bird Sanctuary project,it also famous of Sunset point.
Pakhiralay / Phakhir Jungle

Pakhiralay village 3 km away from Gosaba ferry ghat,the ideal village of Sunderban. The daily activities of the village are going on by Co-operative system.

His village settlement by Sir Daniel Hamilton,Gosaba was the ideal village of the past.Sir Hamilton started a Co-operative as village uplift program in Gosaba.There has a banglows of Becan Saheb.
Burirdabri (W.T)

The Burirdabri watch tower famous of mud walk and mangrove cage trail leading to a view point known as Roymongal. There are also view Bangladesh of Roymongal side.this watch tower capacity 15 person at a time.
Sundarkati (Bonny Camp)

Popular for the highest Watch Tower,30 km away from Bhagabatpur,one may reach Sundarkati Eco-Tourism Center through the mangrove forest and a close view of the sweet-water pond where the wildlife of the Sunderban. There is a museum ,one can know about Sunderban through its picture.
Kalash Camp (W.T)

The Kingdom of tigers,the last is-land of the Sunderban, near the Bay of Bengal.There is a sweet-water pond.The Sunrise & Sunset viewing also beautiful.Kalas is also the nesting place of the Olive Ridley Turtles.
Programme no.: 1 - Day Tour

Covered: We greet & meet to Sonakhali/Godhkhali, Visit- Gosaba(Hamilton Bunglo), Bird Project,Sajnekhali side,Sudhanyakhali, Sadakkhali sideback to Godhkhali/Sonakhali.
Programme no.: 2 - 1 night / 2 days

Covered: Sonakhali / Godkhali , Gosaba (Hamilton Bunglo), Sajnekhali (W.T. & Museum), Pakhirala (N.S.), Sudhyannyakhali, Bonbibi Bharani, Deul Bhrani, Peer Khali, Do-Banki (W.T.) & Back to Sonakhali / Godkhali.
Programme no.: 3 - 2Nights/3Days

Covered: Sonakhali / Godkhali, Gosaba (Hamilton Bunglo), Sajnekhali (W.T. & Museum), Sudhyannyakhali (W.T.), Jhingakhali, Banga, Roymongal, Marichjhapi, Bubir Dabri (W.T.), Island Tour & Back to Sonakhali / Godkhali.
Programme no.: 4- 2Nights/3Days

Covered: Sonakhali / Godkhali, Gosaba (Hamilton Bunglo), Sajnekhali (W.T. & Museum), Pakhirala (N.S.) Sudhyannyakhali (W.T.), Gajikhali, Sundarkhali, Bonbibi Bharani, Deul Bharani, Peer Khali, Panchamukhani, Do Banki (W.T.), Bay of Bengal, Nethidhopani (W.T.), Back to Pakhirala (N.S.), Sarakkhali, Dayapur, Island Side Seen & Back to Sonakhali / Godkhali.


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